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  • The World's NEWEST

    Digital Lightning Simulator

    The FireFly FF-351 breaks new ground. Trip a sensor or switch, and get instant lightning and thunder! Or run audio as a continuous loop.

  • High-power LED Light

    for Lightning Simulation

    The ProLight 400 was designed for the ultimate lightning simulations with four high-intensity LEDs in a metal weather-resistant enclosure.

  • Two-Channel Digital

    Light Cross-fader

    Digital CrossFade gives you control over the speed and ratio between cross-fades. It's ideal for a Pepper's Ghost effect, Christmas lighting, model railroading, or other applications where you need to switch between two lights

  • Professional-quality Audio Products

    Active and passive speakers, studio monitors, mixers, wireless mic systems

    We carry RCF amplifiers, HD and ART-series active speakers, L-Pad and F-series mixers, One System passive speakers and Avlex wireless mic systems

  • The Most Realistic Candle and Fire Simulation Possible

  • Fauxescent

    LED "Faulty Fluorescent" Light

    Fauxescent gives the look and effect of a flickering faulty fluorescent fixture but with control of the effect using long-life LEDs

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