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Black lantern with internal microFLICKER/AC

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Lantern, AC, with internal microFLICKER/AC


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Lantern, AC, with internal microFLICKER/AC


Lanterns are very versatile devices. They fit well into western themes, caves, woods, cemeteries and rural scenes, or anywhere that electricity in theory might not be available for your scenario. To meet those needs, Lights Alive has developed a line of lanterns, and designed a family of new micro flicker units to drive the lanterns as well as for other uses. The realism of our new lanterns means no more filling oil lamps, cleaning, or trimming of wicks.

We’ve combined our new microFLICKER units with genuine oil lamps, to make a high-quality and high-realism lantern. These aren’t your cheap TV lanterns, but are steel, 14” or 15” tall. Units are available to run on 12 volts DC or AC, 120 volts AC, or, for use by an actor, our lanterns can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack capable of operating the lantern for a full evening of haunting. All units use a single control to adjust the flicker speed, depth, and intensity to your desired look.

Standard units are black with a frosted glass globe, and incorporate either our low voltage or our AC microFLICKER. As an option, lanterns are available aged, and with simulated or genuine rust finishes. Each lantern is individually antiqued (rusted). No two are the same. Special order units can be heavily rusted or just slightly rusted. They can also be distressed (dinged and banged) if desired.

Options include the portability package, with a rechargeable internal battery, custom charger manager, power supply, and LED bulb. This configuration can run without wires for up to 122 hours at minimum intensity, or 30 hours at full intensity. The specialty LED bulb, containing 15 surface mount LEDs covering a full 360º, is also available as an option for standard units. The LEDs are warm white with an additional gel filter to create a realistic color.

Select a lantern in black, above. Then select any options desired, such as custom aging and real rust, a rust-colored finish, and/or an internal rechargeable battery and LED bulb. (Note the battery pack is only available with low-voltage lanterns.)


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