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Four 'eyeball' boards

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Blue/Red Dual-color Eyeball Board for MonsterEyes™

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Quick Overview

Blue/Red Dual-color Eyeball Board for MonsterEyes™


MonsterEyes™ is a light controller with personality. It gives the effect of up to sixteen pairs of eyes in the dark, or in a prop, or wherever you want to place them. Green or blue (your preference) eyes calmly blink at random. But when 'startled' (external trigger input can be an IR sensor, floor mat, hand or foot switch, etc.,) all eyes suddenly snap to an angry bright red. Then, they gradually blink and fade until all lights are out, then gradually come back individually in the original color and behavior.

Place eyeballs in the rafters to simulate bats. Or hide them under furniture like rats, or locate them in bushes.

Removable wiring harnesses (four wire pairs per harness) are available. Lights Alive dual color LED 'eye boards' are available, or discrete LED's can be incorporated into a prop run by MonsterEyes™. LED boards are connected via plug, so boards can be disconnected from the harness to pass wires through a hole and eyes used on the other side.

NOTE: Eyeball boards do not separate into individual eyes. For custom arrangements, see our wiring diagram and use your own LED's, or contact us for custom assemblies.


  • Four ports, each with 4 channels (16 channel total)
  • 10-14vdc, 250mA
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Triggerable (switch closure)
  • Compatible with Lights Alive dual color eyes or discrete LEDs. No limiting resistors required.
  • Random actions (pop on, blink, fade, etc.)
  • Daisy-chain... multiple controllers can be daisy-chained via the LADC port so all eyes react to the startle mode.
  • Controller dimensions: 4.55 x 3.30 x 1.25 inches. 5.5 inches wide with mounting flanges.
  • Commercial-quality product. No exposed circuit boards, fire-resistant ABS box, industrial-style connectors.


  • Five year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

MonsterEyes™ Basic Package
Includes MonsterEyes™ controller, four green eyeball boards, four blue eyeball boards, two four-foot wiring harnesses, one hand-held trigger, and power supply.

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