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Kill-a-Watt Meter

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Kill-a-Watt Meter


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Kill-a-Watt Meter


Kill-a-Watt Meter

Determining exactly how many lights you can connect to a particular circuit and through what size cable can be quite confusing…  especially when dealing with a mixture of conventional light strings, LED lights and commercially made props or decorations. However, doing so is of critical importance. At a minimum, overloaded circuits can blow fuses or trip circuit breakers and interrupt your show. Of a more serious nature, overloaded circuits can ruin equipment or even cause fires.

If you know the math formulas and you can devise a method to connect it in the circuit, you could use an expensive multi-meter. Or, for less than $30 you could use our Kill-A-Watt meter. Simply plug the Kill-A-Watt meter in your outlet and plug your lights (or whatever) into the front of the meter. Instantly and effortlessly you can measure the following:

• Line Voltage (volts)
• Amperage (amps)
• Wattage (watts)
• Kilowatt Hours (KWH)

By multiplying your local rates for electricity times KWH measured by this meter, you can even determine the cost of operating your lights. You can also measure the power line frequency (in Hz), Volt Amps (VA), Power Factor (PF) and more. There’s even a built-in timer to show how long a circuit has been active. Specifications are as follows.

• Typical operating voltage:  115 vac
• Maximum voltage:  125 vac
• Maximum current:  15 amps
• Maximum power:  1875 volt amps

The Kill-A-Watt meter has a lot more household uses than just for your holiday lighting. Did you ever wonder if it was okay to plug your coffee pot into the same outlet as your toaster? What does it really cost when that TV stays on all day? Are those low-voltage landscape lights running up my electric bill? I seem to be burning out a lot of light bulbs in my house. Is my voltage too high? These and dozens more questions can be answered in seconds with this powerful, yet incredibly inexpensive tool.

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