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miniMANTIS controller in enclosure

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miniMANTIS™ controller in enclosure


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miniMANTIS™ controller in enclosure

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Trainable Digital Prop/Scene Controller Precision repeatability and reliability due to digital processing. No obsolete analog timers. Trained via key banger method

Control Channels: One - Single control channel, but dual sets of relay contacts.

Relay Channels: Two - Two independent sets of relay contacts allow for simultaneous control of high voltage (120vac) and low voltage circuits.

Current Rating: 16-Amps total Each relay channel rated at 8-amps. They may be paralleled for a total current handling capacity of 16-amps, AC or DC, low voltage or 120 volt.

Relay Life: 20,000,000 operations That’s more than 5,000 operations per day, 365 days per year for 10 years!

Response Time: 1/100th of a second This is equivalent to 30-40 times faster than the average person can blink their eyes.

Processor Speed 1 MIPS 1,000,000 instructions per second!

Warranty: 3-Years Warrantied against defect in materials or workmanship for 3-years, including when used in commercial applications.

Power: 9-14vdc, 100mA Current requirement higher if supplying power to anything other than a single Lights Alive trigger/sensor. 24vdc version available as special order.

Power Out: Two methods MANTIS™ controllers supply power to all Lights Alive brand trigger/sensors via the proprietary LADC connection. Screw terminals are provided for 3rd party sensors. Prop Power Via relay contacts 12vdc, up to a maximum of 1-amp can be supplied to solenoid valves or other relays with a simple jumper, eliminating the need for other power supplies. Trigger Connection Via LADC or screw terminals All Lights Alive brand triggers/sensors connect to the controller via the LADC cable which provides trigger circuitry and power. Screw terminals are provided for 3rd party triggers.

Internal Timer :User trainable Microprocessor memorizes real time training. Simply enter program mode and press CHANNEL button to activate relay. miniMANTIS™ will remember this routine when triggered Indicators Four Activity, trigger, status and LADC device present LED indicators included.

Repeat Function: Runs program once, then waits for next trigger in normal mode. In continuous mode the program will be continuously repeated. Starts automatically if trigger strapped at power up.

Trigger Method: Switch closure Compatible with all Lights-Alive brand triggers and intelligent sensors as well as any other brand device that provides simple switch closure.

Input Isolation: Optical - All MANTIS™ controllers and intelligent sensors are equipped with optoisolators to isolate and protect the microprocessor

LADC Technology: All MANTIS™ products are equipped with LADC (Lights Alive Direct Connect) technology. With LADC, a single quick-connect cable carries DC power and the trigger circuit to trigger/sensor. CLICK, CLICK, DONE! Screw terminals provided for connecting 3rd party triggers.

User Controls: Three - TEST, CONTROL and CHANNEL

Pluggable Connectors: Two - Both screw terminal connectors may be quickly unplugged and plugged into a replacement controller in the unlikely event of a problem, thus reducing down time

Many Custom configurations include, but are not limited to 24vdc operation, DC output from one or both relay contact sets, pre-programmed routines, etc.

Build Versions: Two - Fully assembled units, or finished boards for inclusion in your box

Daisy Chain: Multiple controllers can be daisy chained thus requiring only a single power source

Prop Test: When idle, pressing CHAN will trigger relay to test prop without need to run program.  Program protect mode eliminates the possibility of accidental program erasure. Program also retained during power failure.

Global Erase: Global erase is provided to erase all programming with on quick action

All specifications are subject to change without notice. 032409

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