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FireFly® FF-251 Digital Lightning Simulator – New previous model

$299.00 $279.00

We have a limited supply of new but discontinued previous model FireFly FF-251’s. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

The FireFly® 251 is an enhanced replacement for the popular Firefly® FF-211. It’s still a two-channel microprocessor-controlled digital lightning simulator, but improved with new features. There’s new audio processing, a more powerful microprocessor, and a new test mode, but with no increase in price. User manuals, audio tracks, and some bonus music tracks are all included on a custom USB flash drive.


FireFly® FF-251 Specifications and Features






FireFly® model FF-251 is an enhanced replacement for the former FF-211. The FF-251 is a premium microprocessor-controlled two-channel lightning simulator, utilizing the latest in ARM Cortex M series processors. Both channels may be used for “stereo” lightning or one channel may be used for lightning while the other is in the dimming mode to simulate a potential power outage.






In lightning mode, each channel can handle up to 1,500 watts or a total of 3,000 watts for the system. In dimming mode, the dimmer channel handles a maximum of 750 watts.






To protect the user, connected equipment and the unit itself, the FF-251 utilizes a modular internal switch-mode low-voltage power supply as well as optical isolation to separate high voltage from the audio and logic circuitry. Audio ground and earth ground have been isolated for further safety.






Low voltage sections operate from an electrically isolated switch mode power supply. The main power is fused, as are the two output channels. Internal surge suppression is provided. Opto-isolators protect the microprocessor from high-voltage circuitry. The audio section is protected by transient voltage suppression diodes.






All FireFly® units are designed to support a variety of lights. For best results, we recommend the Lights Alive ProLight™ 400. Other lights supported include incandescent, halogen, most dimmable CFL, many dimmable LEDs and even cold cathode bulbs.






In order to insure that lights react quickly and cover a wide dynamic range, a threshold (warming) voltage is user adjustable via a front panel LCD display. In the dimming mode, the maximum brightness of the dimmer channel can also be set through the same LCD panel.






In the unlikely event that you need some assistance getting back to a known working configuration, a factory default selection is available from the LCD panel. This insures that you can be back up and running in seconds.






By using sound activated digital forward phase cut dimming, the intensity of the connected lights directly corresponds with the amplitude (volume) of the thunder.






All adjustments are achieved via the LCD display. This provides more consistency and easier operation. The FACTORY DEFAULT option allows you to be back in operation in seconds, in the event that you have a setup issue. All settings are remembered by non-volatile memory when the unit is powered down, so it resumes operation with the same setting as when it was powered down.






Audio input and output are via 1/8” (3.5mm) rear mounted stereo audio jacks. Impedance is a nominal 10k input and 1k output. Recommended input level is 1v peak-to-peak. Suitable input sources include MP3 players, laptops, most audio repeaters, CD/DVD decks and most other line level or earphone level sources.






In the lightning mode, the FF-251 is controlled by stereo audio with the left channel audio driving the left channel outlet and right channel audio controlling the right channel output. When in the dimming mode, two options are available. Both channels can be controlled by combined left channel and right channel (mono) audio. Stereo audio is still output to your sound system. Alternately, left channel audio can drive the lightning (left) channel while the right channel controls the dimmer (right) channel.






Test routing allows you to test the output section of your FF-251 as well as your connected lights and wires. Please consult your manual for details.






The FF-251 is housed in a stackable flame retardant black ABS housing with a UL94V-0 flame rating. Enclosure size is 5.25” (deep) x 9.18” (long)” x 2.36” (high).






Included with the FireFly® FF-251 is an instruction manual and custom thunder audio tracks on CD






FireFly® is proudly designed, manufactured and supported by Lights Alive in the United States.






Lights Alive provides a three (3) year limited warranty on the FF-251 hardware and free lifetime technical support. We will repair or replace (at our option) any unit that fails within 3 years of the date of purchase due to defects in materials or workmanship.






Regardless of its age, Lights Alive currently offers up to 50% of your documented purchase price toward the purchase of any higher model FireFly lightning controller. Simply call or email us for details on how to return your existing unit. We’ll send you an invoice for the new model and ship it to you immediately upon receipt of the upgrade costs. This offer may be modified or discontinued without notice and is good only for upgrades purchased directly from Lights Alive.






FireFly® is housed in a stackable case, making it easy so stack multiple units into a single neat unit. Soon there will be companion audio products in the same stackable cases.

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