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miniFLICKER-2+™ Two-channel Multi-Effect Light Controller


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miniFLICKER-2+™ Two-channel Multi-Effect Light Controller simulates candle, fire faulty neon, and two versions of faulty electrical flicker. The unit has two channels, and adjustment for speed, depth, and intensity.

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The miniFLICKER-2+™ is a redesigned and improved flicker controller. It incorporates all the effects that made the miniFLICKER-2™ so popular. Then we added increased power handling, added a user-resettable circuit breaker, and moved the controls to the bottom of the box, away from the weather.


With a total of five (5) user selectable programs plus our exclusive single control for continuously variable intensity, speed and depth of the effect, the miniFLICKER-2+™ is the ultimate in flicker generators. Effects include CANDLE simulation, roaring FIRE, old NEON sign, ELECTRICAL 1 (mostly on) and ELECTRICAL 2 (mostly off). For the utmost in reality, the two-channels of the miniFLICKER-2™ operate totally independent of each other so there are no noticeable patterns. This is a must-have product for any haunt, no matter how large or how small.


miniFLICKER-2+™ Specifications


Input Voltage: 120 volt, 60Hz AC, 5 amps maximum.
Connections: Polarized standard household plug + two polarized outlets.
Maximum Power Handling: Up to 250 watts per channel, 500–watt total.
Compatible Lights: Incandescent, halogen, dimmable LEDs and CFLs, Cold Cathode.
Dimming Method: Forward Phase Cut
Technology: Solid state, microprocessor controlled.
Safety Features: Circuit-breaker-protected input, internal surge suppression, opto-isolators to protect the microprocessor.
Size: 4.17″ x 2.80″ x 1.00″  (excluding wires and control). 5.13″ wide including mounting flanges.
Enclosure: Black flame retardant ABS – Fire rating UL94V-0
Duty Cycle: Continuous use
Controls: Single rotary control for intensity, speed and depth plus an edge-mounted pushbutton to select program (candle, fire, neon, electrical 1, electrical 2).
Warranty: 3-Year limited warranty

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