ProLight 400™ High-power LED light for lightning simulation


ProLight 400™ High-power LED light for lightning simulation. Allow one week lead time for shipping. This is a limited production run. When they’re out, they’re out for the season.

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We weren’t satisfied with LED lights available for lightning simulation, so we did something about it. Lights Alive first developed and built the ProLight 200™ to use with our FireFly lightning simulators. Now the ProLight 200™ has been replaced by the ProLight 400™!

The ProLight-400™ follows on the successful introduction of the ProLight-200™, the first LED light designed specifically for lightning simulation. Featuring a 5000º Kelvin color temperature, plus the fast response and low power consumption of an LED, the ProLight-400™ adds an additional LED, a brighter light, and a smaller enclosure. The ProLight 400 is designed for seasonal use outdoors without the need for any type of shelter from the weather. A custom gasket seals the front, while the power inlet is sealed with a waterproof grommet.

    • Width: 8.25” (10.125” with bracket and knobs)
    • Height: 4.25” (5.75” with bracket )
    • Depth: 3.1” (4” including AC connector on back)
    • Weight: 2.5 pounds
    • Field of view: 115º
    • Color temperature: 5000ºK (pure white)
    • Rated Power: 120vac, 1amp
    • Maximum LED wattage: 88 watts. (approx. 500 watt incandescent equivalent)
    • Duty Cycle: Designed for lightning simulation only. Do not use as conventional floodlight.
    • Lumens: Nominal 5,000

ProLight™ is proudly designed and manufactured by Lights Alive in the United States.



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Weight3.8 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 5 in