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Upgrade your FF-301 to FF-351


Ship your FireFly 301 in for a factory upgrade to FF-351 (FireFly not Included)


FireFly FF-301 owners can upgrade their lightning simulator to the new FireFly FF-351. Return your 301 to Lights Alive with payment of $ 149.00. Please include name, address, phone, email, and a copy of your invoice when you send your FF-301. The upgrade includes new firmware with additional features, new and additional audio tracks including 5, 15, and 30-second triggered routines, a test routine, a new temperature-sensing circuit, and additional audio switching options. We will check, clean, and test the unit, and return it to you, shipping included, via Fedex ground.


Ship your FireFly 301 for upgrade to:


Lights Alive

9227 E. US Highway 36

Avon, IN 46123


Lights Alive is not responsible for shipping damage and you should insure your package. Indiana residents are subject to sales tax.