Halloween is approaching... prepare now! New Audio Products Coming Soon!


Just a short note to thank you for all your help. Halloween went great, everything worked without a hitch. We had over 700 people come by and nobody was disappointed. The UPS lady told me she delivers all over the county and nobody even came close to our –Mike M, Plant City, FL

It's nearly 2 Am, I just got back from an 8 hours shoot and I wanted to say thanks! We put the unit to the test tonight, Shooting with it for at least 6 hours straight without a hiccup. It did it's job amazingly and added some much needed atmosphere to the shoot.

Anyhow thought I would drop a line and let you know. THIS UNIT ROCKS! –Robert K, Tampa, FL

I had placed an order for a competing product (lightning simulator) 3 weeks ago and they assured me my order would be shipped in time for Halloween only to inform me now that it will not make it in time. Well lucky for me I found your product (Looks to be way better for only slightly more money). –Doug V, Winfield, MO

I applaud your customer service and satisfaction, it's hard to find companies that still have it. I look forward to doing business with you, and I hope to send you some more business later. –Ken C, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Please feel free to use us as a testimonial as we can speak first hand about not only the flawless operation but the very impressive quality of the case, label and controls. Our many thanks for your help and for producing such a top notch product, excellent technical help, quality shipment packaging, and also a wonderful warranty (not that I think we will need it)! –Mike S, Lufkin, TX

Thanks Ron!! That is a big help, Me and my father have been putting on a small haunted house for the kids for the last few years, and of course it has been getting bigger and better every year, we have looked at a ton of simulators, and have found that all of your products have been the best in every way, it seems that you stand behind your product 100%, that alone makes it wo –Gregg D, Hermitage, TN

Check out the fire fly, the same as the xxxxx but with a few extra features and functions. The single channel unit will handle 1500 watts and the two channel stereo unit will handle 3000 watts. And all units have a 5 year warranty. With the two channel unit you can option one channel to flash with the sound of the thunder, and connect the other channel in reverse mode to a lamp and when the lighting flashes, the lamp will flicker off as if the lightning is affecting the electrical circuit to the house. If you want a first class pro unit, this is it. I am not affiliated with the company, just a very satisfied user. –Brad W, Phoenix, AZ (This message from HalloweenForum.com)

Wow - It works great - Exactly as I had hoped.

I configured from a std cd/dvd player… to the firefly, then from the firefly to my boom box. All of my lights flicker when the electric shock current plays. I will probably contact you about upgrading once I get through Halloween… It will be the perfect enhancement for next year! –Doug G, St. Petersburg, FL

Unfortunately I didn’t see your superior product until after I ordered an xxxxx lighting controller, and I’ve been waiting for over a month… then I get an email that says they are out of stock. Sucks for me because of Halloween being so close, but it does give me the opportunity to purchase your product instead.

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly, and thank you VERY much for giving me the straight story. Unfortunately, the company I dealt with before didn’t understand the idea of not promising something that you don’t have, but I’m happy to see that you do. –Shawn Y, Erie, CO (Note: FF-501 arrived before Halloween)

I had ordered an xxxxx unit last week elsewhere, but was just notified today that they are now out of stock. And now after researching, I think you may have the better unit. –Chris W, Minden, NV (Note: FF-501 arrived before Halloween)

Hey guys, Just received the FireFly. Superb piece of equipment and I can tell the quality is great.The design is well thought out and the controls are intuitive. It didn't take long to have it up and running.

Two thumbs,and a couple of pinkies, UP! –Barry N, Athens, AL

Thanks so much for helping me out. I thought my display was going to be a bust but you and Nancy came through. –Dean M, Casselberry, FL

I just finally got to try the miniFLICKER once I set up my stuff to test again. I must say it is MAGIC! I can't believe how reliable this will be over flicker bulbs! –Steven F, Belmont, CA

Just got home from a trip and received the new digital FireFly. Connected it to a couple lamps, plugged it in and wow, it just worked out of the box. No screwing around with settings to get it working. And I love the built-in audio. Made set up so much easier. Thanks for the assist with the replacement. Thanks again for the new unit. Love it. –Joe D., Palo Alto, CA

I have to say Im so glad I took your advice and upgraded the Firefly for our haunted garage this year. The Firefly 301 is truly an upgrade to the 501 and made life so much easier setting up. I can’t count how many times I heard “wow”, “how is he doing that” and the list goes on. It’s been only one day since Halloween and Im already thinking of ways to use your products. –Aaron D, Lansdale, PA

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