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Tripp•Lite 60-Inch, 20 Outlet Power Strip

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Tripp•Lite 60-Inch, 20 Outlet Power Strip


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Tripp•Lite 60-Inch, 20 Outlet Power Strip


When constructing a Halloween or Christmas scene, it seems that there are never enough outlets. Sure you can find the cheap but unreliable plastic power strips or you can go to your local electrical supplier and find extremely expensive metal power strips, but their outlets are simply too far apart to be useful, even after you pay the premium price.

Our all-metal power strips offer outlets that are approximately 2-1/2” apart (center to center). That’s close enough to give you an ample supply of outlets, while far enough apart to allow the use of transformers. These power strips, by industry leader Tripp•Lite, are equipped with a lighted and covered power switch and a 15 amp circuit breaker. The 15’ power cord virtually eliminates the need for ordinary extension cords.

This product has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

24-inch, 8-Outlet Power Strip
List Price: $ 79.00

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