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Lights Alive's FireFly lightning simulators - FF-101

Lights Alive’s FireFly lightning simulators can be used for more than lightning simulation! Here, a single FireFly FF-101 is used to control a light simulating an electrical problem. A variety of lights, and one or many lights can be used. FireFly was set to dimming mode and the audio filter set to full-range. Then, a sample prop is demonstrated, using three FF-101 units.

MonsterEyes is an 'eyes in the dark'

Lights Alive’s MonsterEyes is an ‘eyes in the dark’ effect with personality! We set MonsterEyes up at a haunt, and since it was a swamp scene, we added swamp sounds to the video. (MonsterEyes has no internal audio. Use whatever suits your scene.) The ‘startle’ effect is triggered by a Lights Alive IR bounce sensor, but it can be used with any sensor or trigger that provides a dry contact switch closure. Use MonsterEyes as critters in a swamp, bats in a belfry, or rats in the sewers. Use your imagination to decide where eyeballs in the dark would fit your haunted scene.

FireFly 301, ProLights, and Lanterns

A typical haunted graveyard scene. This is lifted to another level by adding a FireFly 301, ProLight 400’s (three, in this scene, but you can use more) Lights Alive lanterns with internal microFLICKERs, plus a hazer for atmosphere.


Lights Alive’s updated miniFLICKER-2 incorporated all of the effects from the previous miniFLICKER/Candle, /Electrical, and /Fire in a single device, plus adds new electrical fault and faulty neon sign flicker effects. In this video, miniFLICKER-2’s are incorporated into each of the torcherie lights along the walls to flicker a pair of 60-watt incandescent bulbs.

FireFly Lightning Simulators by LightsAlive

FireFly, the worlds most sophisticated lightning simulator, is demonstrated simultaneously simulating lightning and dimming house lights. The audio is from the CDs that are included with FireFly 511, 211, and 101. FireFly comes in four models, both analog and digital, and with or without internal audio (see product specs for details on each model.)

Zombie Signs Tutorial

Here’s a quick little how-to video. We’re haunters as well as manufacturers, and this was a recent one-day project preparing for the 2015 Halloween season. It turned out well! Plus, it uses a Lights Alive product! Most of the other parts were from the local Menards store. Contact us for a bill of materials.

FireFly 301, Demonstrating Various Light Options

This video was created for a customer to demonstrate various light options with our FireFly 301 digital lightning simulator. Lights are a 500-watt halogen, a strobe on the strobe channel (used as a kicker, not as a main light,) and one of our ProLight 400’s. Note the daylight white color of the ProLight as compared to the yellow of the halogen.

Lights Alive Promo

Here’s an instructional video on the dangers of attempting electrical effects manually, instead of using Lights Alive products!

FireFly As a Christmas Controller

FireFly isn’t limited to Halloween! Replace the thunder audio with some holiday music, connect your lights, and FireFly can put on a light show for Christmas, or any oither holiday!