PAR30 Dimmable LED spot, daylight white


PAR30 Dimmable LED spot, daylight white

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We get frequent requests for a good LED bulb for use with FireFly. We prefer LED for the color and quick response, but we haven’t been able to recommend bulbs we haven’t tested. An LED must be dimmable to use with FireFly, but some some dimmable LED bulbs are built in such a way that they do not perform in what we consider an acceptable manner.

We’ve found a PAR30 LED spotlight that we’ve proved in testing to work well with FireFly for lightning simulation.

• 75 Watt PAR30 Equivalent
• 800 Lumens
• 15 Watts
• 30,000 Hours
• 5,000º K Color Temp (daylight color balance)
• 38º Beam Spread

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